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Today I'm doing a restaurant review. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this quirky little place literally two blocks from our house over a year ago. I have yet to review it or really mention it to anyone. That's pre ponderous as it's a very unique and delicious spot to eat in San Diego!

CAFE 21-- odd location, small and ethnic decor, fabulous food! My first dish there was grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice in a mushroom avocado pesto. Ahh, yum! They also serve everyone these fresh homemade rolls that remind me of a savory cinnamon roll. Instead of the cinnamon and sugar you get a burst of sunny yellow turmeric and fennel. One day I'll try to make these myself!

Other dishes I have supremely enjoyed there (though I've liked everything) is a steak salad, a cornish game hen in a tomato-mango salsa (not mexicany but perfect flavors), apricot tea infused lamb, lobster mushroom ravioli.

Apparently they have delicious deserts and are known for their breakfast. These things I haven't tried yet! Bad me. I'm a breakfast lover so it's a bit of a crime that I haven't eat there for my days first meal. However, most eat-out breakfasts aren't nutritionally fit. I will make it there one day. And when I do, my taste buds will be watering for something they already know will be ethnically satisfying.

Highly recommend this place to eat. Located in University Heights or Downtown San Diego. Check it out!

Cafe 21 website
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-21-san-diego

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